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Rats Available For Adoption and Those That Will Be

The Rules

  • We sell all our rats for £10, this pays for upkeep of the rats - CSR has never made money from breeding rats, as that isn't the point.
  • A prospective owner must be prepared to take two rats if they do not already keep rats.
  • All prospective rat owners must be a member of one of the UK rat organisations, if they are not a member of a UK rat organisation then there will be no fee for the rat(s), under the condition that the prospective owner becomes a member of the National Fancy Rat Society (, so make sure you bring a cheque book - as we will print a form for you to fill and send it on the day you pick up the kitten(s).
  • The rat owner should not do anything that will damage the reputation of CSR and the Marked Blue Dumbo line which originated at CSR.
  • We will consider selling rats to breeders, on the condition that they will breed towards improving the line of the Marked Blue Dumbo Rex, and will work with me as much as possible in this effort.
  • All other rats will be sold as pets only. 

Why Does Cosmic Squeak Rattery Have a Waiting List?

CSR has been breeding rats for a long time now, and in that time we have rehomed hundreds of kittens. As the lifespan of a rat is normally no more than  3 years a lot of those people return to us for relatives of their rats.

Also - I would never breed a litter if I didn't have homes for the kittens to go to, and at the same time I would never breed a litter that I couldn't keep if there where problems which meant I couldn't rehome the litter.


Black Roses Krissa and CSR Daniel's Litter of 19 babies featured.

I have a litter due in 4th February It will be make up of marked dumbos and rexes get in touch if you are interested.

If you would be interested in one of my next litter then please let me know as soon as you can.